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Allow users to disable vignetting effect
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Currently we always have a dark vignette at the edge of the screen which looks bad in some cases and also gives the impression of tunnel vision or wearing diving goggles that obstruct your peripheral vision. The effect has been considered annoying also in other games that use it, and it would be nice to be able to turn it off. {F22009}


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Set fog to full to get a dark, one-colored sky and look at the sky. The vignetting should be obvious now.

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Just for clarification: this issue has nothing to do with any fatigue effects. The screenshot was taken with zero fatigue.

I'm all for the option of being able to turn it off. Even if by a less complicated config entry or similar would suffice. At this point in the game I don't think building it into the current dialog structure is feasible. Not that I would have issue with it of course.

Removing it altogether, would perhaps be a simpler task. Not sure what the general end-user opinion would be on that. But as it stands it is less than pleasing once you notice it. Looks like an unneeded overlay of sorts. That creates some arbitrary effect, of something. :\

I can´t see anything like that in your screenshot?

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You don't see it around the edges?

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@stonestriker it's clearly there, if you don't see it try using a color picker and compare a color value taken from the center with one near an edge.

Nope, sorry :) I am bit colour-blind, and that is probably stopping me from seeing it

Would you mind having a look at My bug was closed, as only I could apparently see it.

issues with color banding (not enough colors used for sky)or HDR
or per pixel lighting or image tone mapping or similar ...

At least for me the Pause key removes vignette.

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In dev version you can use the Pause/Break key to hide the vignette.

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Considering this resolved.

Mass-closing resolved issues updated only last year - assuming fixed correctly.