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Unnatural gunshake makes proper aiming impossible.
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The crosshair of an infantry unit is always shaking and can’t be corrected by changing any settings (TrackIR, Mouse smoothing, headbob, Acceleration).
In short the unit can under no circumstances ever hold his rifle completely still for more then 1/2 seconds. Then the gun starts moving again like a drunk or neurologically challenged infanterist is operating it. Also the deadzone makes pulling the gun toward the target ridiculously impossible and should be fixed.

Prio: 1 / High: If this doesn’t change its bye bye arma3


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Take a unit dont run or get wounded and try to hold aim at a target for more than 3 seconds = Nogo

-Tested: With every possible setting, changed mouse speeds and read through all the bugs reported about the issue.

-If you like to see how a gun should be held steadily look at the Half life series!

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this is not COD!!!!

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Sure, and what else you want? Triggerbot?
Go play call of duty or battlefield, noob.
Also, you already bought the game, so nobody is gonna care about your "bye bye arma 3".

Have a nice day.

I’ve played arma2 for 4 years with one of the biggest communities on the face of the earth that i lead myself (nr1 ACE server on the planet). Tough i also was the first general in BF2 in Holland with 2500 podium prizes and earned every medal known to man.
This does not change the fact that as described the gun just won’t ever sit still. This is unnatural an ridiculously irritant factor that must be altered before people start getting RSI or epi lepti attacts, or like yourself start blaming non relevant factors for your puny view on reality.

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Duplicate of #5209.