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Content Request warships
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Some more vehicles in the water would be nice. Just like Corvettes or other small warships. A stealth ship just like the Visby-class or the Skjold-class would be really suitible too Arma 3.

I think this is really cool because at the time there ist not much too do in the water. And i think it would be a nice addition to the game. {F21988} {F21989}


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Some Pictures of the ships below. Thes ships are about 50 meters long with about 20-30 crewman.

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Awesome idea. I really would like something like that Norwegian PB for BLUFOR, and perhaps a OPFOR and independent counterpart.

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@ocf81 thats a pretty good idea.

chances are this will be flagged as a Forum Related topic and not DEV Related (bug)

most content related tickets (like this) get closed out quickly

BIS did advertise...


Master a range of 20+ vehicles, aircraft and SHIPS; choose your gear, pick from 40+ weapons, customize your loadout.

all of which BIS is lacking... changing 90% of the content(s) color(s) and labeling them under different factions is going to get BIS in a lot of trouble when it comes to advertisements unless they got an armory of Faction-Specific content at final release.


you should also be able to have a ship with a 40mm cannon similar to the APCs, that way you can use naval ships to attack a coastal town.

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Have you even seen the speedboats?

BOTH Stratis and Altis have the ocean for it... don't see why not.

by now we probably all seen the speed-boats

the second I embarked one it already felt like GTA or Driver... which is a shame! Expected that type of model to come from a mod community (not BIS)

AD2001... what was your point regarding speedboats?

I was replying to vryoffbtdrummr.

ah yes... now I get your point... the military speedboats... not the civilian speedboats that were recently added... good point!

to AD2001:
yes i have, however, if you were to include a larger ship, i think a 40mm cannon should be included on it, just like most modern military ships of that size. another idea would be missile artillery...

A carrier for Altis... submarines... etc.... got my votes.. A3 is evolving and so should their content

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Closing as duplicate.