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Dedicated Servers cannot see Steam Workshop missions
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Dedicated Servers do not display subscribed steam workshop missions when selecting a mission.

When running a non-dedicated server all subscribed steam workshop missions are present on the mission selection screen.


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Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

0. Make sure you have a subscribed mission on steam workshop

  1. Run a dedicated server
  2. Connect to your server
  3. Notice your subscribed missions aren't on the list of missions

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Gekon added a comment.Sep 17 2013, 4:53 PM

Dedicated servers don't have access to Workshop at the moment. Right now, the dedicated server is only using the low SteamWorks layer to authenticate players without being logged in. To access workshop and show/download missions, an user account with a copy of the game for the server would be required.

Since Steam does not allow multiple-point login, it would mean that to play on your dedicated server with Workshop, you would need another account with the game. Which means buying it again. This didn't feel right, therefore no Workshop for dedicated server right now. But we are aware of this feature and looking for a more elegant solution. Please, be patient :)

Fantastic news. Thanks Gekon. When a way for Dedicated Servers to subscribe to addons and missions please scream it from the highest hilltops as the ability for users to keep there player made content up to date and not having the same ability for Dedicated servers is causing a crap-load of grief for us who host the servers everyone plays on.

I'm sure that it is more complicated than this, but how about separate and releasing Arma 3 Dedicated Server for free on steam?

Dedicated Server is released for free already. The issue is there is no way for a non-authenticated user (anonymous login) to subscribe to workshop content.

Oh, I said it wrong. I meant a Arma 3-release that only supports running a server. Like the base-game, but without anything besides the create-a-server-screen.

Note: I realise this is not the most optimal solution, but can it be done in an other way without Valve updating SteamWorks?