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Can't use WASD keys to direct vehicle as commander
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I order an AI teammate to enter a vehicle (eg: Marshall) as driver. Than I enter the vehicle myself as commander.

In Arma 2 i were able to control the drivers action using the WASD keys, but not in Arma 3.

I suspect it might have something to do with my keybindings, but there are no dedicated keys for these actions. As a driver i can control the vehicle fine. - might it have something to do with the "empty" template which i used for creating my keybindings? I noticed not all available key binding options from the config file show up in the options menu.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. use empty keybinding preset
  2. setup your keys
  3. spawn squad (with you as leader)
  4. spawn empty Marshall
  5. preview
  6. order one teammate to enter the Marshall as driver
  7. enter Marshall as commander
  8. hit W, A, S or D

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Unable to reproduce. WASD work fine for commanding AI.

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also the arrow keys are hardbounded :(

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i had a look in the config file. i guess the according entries are


@AD2001 i guess you did not use the empty keybinding preset like stated in the steps to reproduce

you can't rebind these keys using the option menu

This all boils down to #14141.