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Camp Maxwell appears on the Editors pause menu
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As I go through the Dev Branch update 0.77.109860 I find another hiccup, on the editors preview pause menu, the Camp Maxwell appears above the abort button. I am sure that it not supposed to be there. Just thought I will let you know. {F21963}


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Order of the buttons are as follows;

Camp Maxwell

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Please keep. I like the statistics it gives

It also ends the mission however each time you click it, leading you to the debrief.

Also, I believe you can find Statistics on your map under the Statistics button.

I find it a weird 'feature' I consider it a bug.

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You can get the same screen by calling endMission "end" though. No reason to keep an accidental addition because of that.

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camp maxwell is the showcase camp where the first E3 took place.

i have no fucking idea why is that a buttom in the editor..... it makes no sense at all, unless they want to make it an easy-to-find preset mission that you load up to watch all the showcases

In my case its not only in editor but also on singleplayer.

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Still there after the last Dev Update (9 SEP)

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It's known issue.

It seems to be replacing the Team Switch function too. Before Camp Maxwell showed up, I could switch to another playable unit if I died, now I can't seem to do that. After some experimenting I discovered that the "Camp Maxwell" option is overlapping the "Team Switch" option. If you run the editor with two or more playable units, and then you die, you can hit tab to select the "Team Switch" option hidden behind the "Camp Maxwell" option. I guess BIS needs to add an extra "\br" to the menu code.

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Fixed in release version.

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