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No Weather Reports
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The game currently appears to offer no method of Weather Reports from within the game.

If you are operating a mortar with smoke mortars or flare mortars, or operating an aircraft, the user has no knowledge of how strong and which direction the winds are blowing in order to make corrections.


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Absolutely necessary for deploying any smoke mortars. When smoke mortars are deployed, they're deployed well remote and out of view of operations area, and trying to judge wind direction travel of the smoke is impossible. (An idea, toss a smoke grenade nearby and watch the smoke, and make some assumptions of wind within the operations area.)

Unsure if wind currently affects flare mortars.

Unsure if wind currently effects flight dynamics.

Wind does currently affect bullet trajectory?

The only weather reporting I have seen on multiplayer servers is maybe on the entry screen or the groups screen, or maybe one a server restart?

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The wind doesn't affect anything except for the smoke from smoke grenades.

If I'm not mistaken, smoke interferes with the enemy's auto targeting ability?

Since smoke is so minimal at times, smoke doesn't appear to mask much within the game except attract attention!

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There is some script to affect aircraft or bullets. But no possibilites to have wind report.

vote here :

I still could have sworn, during early alpha, they did have wind affecting bullet trajectory. BTW, up-voted for Bug #15960

2014.01.04: Still waiting for a simple text weather report via the Main Map or elsewhere. Can't really launch mortar or artillery smoke without knowing wind direction. (ie. If there is any wind, the wind will blow the smoke away from the targeted area, into an area quite a few meters downwind! Hence, making little effect on the targeted area.) Thinking, just a simple text/ASCII weather report listed within the area of the main map would easily close this bug, listing the wind direction. Other items such as viewing distance or sky conditions might also be helpful, otherwise people have to wait until they get to the area to realize their portable laser designated rocket launchers are futile!

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AFAIK, wind only affects particles (smoke etc) in game. Projectiles and vehicles are unaffected.