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The world size is to small
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This is actually a late observation of me, just really noticed it now.

When I was flying the Buzzard at 2Km altitude the rounding of the earth looks like the earth is only max 100km wide. The earth is way to curved! {F21946}


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Fly at 2km and long views distance.

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The Earth is curved in the game!?

Are you happy now, FeralCircus?

I don't think it's because of the Earth being curved, it's because whatever is after that circle is not getting rendered, gives the illusion of the map being curved.

It isn'T curved. It's an optical illusion caused by the way the fog works.

Actually world in Arma is absolutely flat.
Increase your viewdistance to see more.

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if you take off the clouds you would see the world flat. i hate it when people mistake visual tricks with bugs or glitches

I see, well, if they can find a way to make it look less curved then that would be a big help/improvement. Now that I've noticed it, it does feel a bit less immersive (real). Not sure, but I think I already had set my view distance to 7km or something.

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they cant make it less curved because its the view distance limitation, the limit its shaped as a circle, that's what you are looking at.

No bug, closing.