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The PDW2000 has wrong recoil.
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The PDW2000 used by Altian forces has its recoil set up incorrectly. In semi-auto it's strong, in burst it's barely visible and in full-auto there's none at all. With a silencer, burst and full-auto recoils are very weak while semi-auto is still strong.


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  1. Place AAF Pilot in editor (comes with PDW2000)
  2. Shoot the weapon in various modes and observe the recoil being vastly different between fire modes

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Isn't it supposed to be like that?

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It isn't. The initial SMGs had the same issue when they were first released, it turns out the recoil animations were mis-configured.

If it was supposed to be like that, it would be the best gun for CQB in the game.

Aren't SMGs supposed to be great for CQB?

Yea but every gun should have at least a bit of recoil, shouldn't it? The PDW2000 feels recoil-less when shooting on burst and full auto modes. Feels like playing COD.

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