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[SUGGESTION] Achievements?
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I know this might be dumb for you guys, but what is your opinions that achievements should be on this game? I know this may get you pissed, I am not sure I am the only one who likes trying to go for a certain goal.

What is your opinion? I am sorry if this is just a waste of time, just trying to suggest something that could maybe be fun for the achievement hunters out there. I didn't find any suggestion according to this. But let me know in the comment section.


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P.S I know this has no affect on the game itself, I just think it would be pretty fun if there was a "side" goal on this game.
When down-voting please give your opinion instead of leaving me in confusion.

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"trying to go for a certain goal"

Finishing the mission?

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1000000 headshots would be nice :-)

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For example above.
I am just giving examples as it was hard to DESCRIBE the idea. Beside finishing missions we could have achievements (This is not necessary I just think that it would maybe be fun?)
Examples: "Get a long range kill" etc.
I said it in description that it sounds stupid too, because this is just a tactical shooter not an "ACHIVEMENT" game.

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I vote up, but i think they should be mission related, lets say you killed most enemies in your squad or you didn't get injured or had a fast mission time lets say in the Infantry Showcase video. But at least they could track your best mission rating and statistics in the scenario menu and also make it visible for other players.

Obviously the people don't want this so moderator or whoever can close this.

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Closing on request.