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Driver should be able to access inventory
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The driver/gunner/commander/... of a vehicle should be able to access the inventory, with the exception of pilots and copilots.
This is currently not possible.


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Sit as driver/gunner/... in a vehicle. Press inventory key (I). Nothing happens.

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I think everyone but the driver should be able to access inventory, since driver is kind of busy, same goes for the helos and gunners

Well if you do access the inventory while driving chances are you will crash into something. Exactly as in real life. No need for artificial limitations.

fair enough

but pilots and copilots shouldn't have access to the vehicle inventory since they're physically separated with it

@arziben Good point. I included that in the issue text.

Can't the pilot fly while the Co-pilot gets something or vice versa? Or another crewman and the Pilot or Co-pilot something? Or while the vehicle is landed?

Assuming the cargo is stored roughly at the location of the passenger seats, this seems not possible as these places are not within reach of the cockpit (except of AH9/MH9 maybe).

While for MH9 and Ghosthawk they might get items handed by the passengers, an implementation considering this would become overly complicated.

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Closing as duplicate.

Woopsie. Re-opening. :)

Sorry for the confusion.

Although, even then this is a dupe of #5610. Closing again.