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Feature Request: (Perform) Action/Animation Module for Units
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I thought about adding another Module in the Editor in which you can (when synchronized with your unit (and a trigger)), make your unit perform certain actions without scripts. For example: Sitdown,Salute,Talk... for Infantry
And: Open doors,Engine off for vehicles.
In addition:
Maybe even add the AnimationViewer List of animations to execute per module.
For example (sitting down on the hunters front side or just cutscene and the other animations)


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Would love to see this built-in

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You know that you can simply edit one of your notes and the ticket will get bumped, but it won't send me an e-mail, don't you?

Yes I do i was just too lazy to do so, i know everyone would like to see this built-in so i think i can bump it without anyone being against it.

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Just have thought about such a module today, while using the ambient animation function. I would absolutely appreciate such a module, which would definately make building authentic missions easier.

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