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[Annoying bug] Helicopter gunner view zoom (since Arma 2)
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It is possible to get stuck with zoomed gunner view as shown in this video:

I've had this happen in Arma 2 as well. It is quite annoying because there seem to be no way of getting it unstuck. If I exit and enter again, zoom remains.


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Steps To Reproduce

Spawn an empty Ghost Hawk
go into first person view
get in the gunner seat
shortly click right mouse button once (it will change to 3rd person view)
now double click and hold right mouse button

If everything went well you are now stuck with zoomed gunner view.

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Confirmed, happens in other vehicles too.

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Related to #1530, #5881

still an issue in 1.10

Still an issue. Happens to me all the time. I am never a gunner in a vehicle or static weapon ever because of this. Renders everything useless being zoomed in all they way.