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CRITICAL - vehicle optics zoom stuck at Max zoom whenever Zoom temporary is mapped to Hold Sec. Mouse Btn.
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As long as Zoom temporary control in View category is mapped to Hold Sec. Mouse Btn. and same shortcut is mapped to Optics temporary as well, entering vehicle and accessing optics will immediately zoom to maximum zoom level, and becomes stuck there.

  • It is not even possible to zoom out using NUM -
  • It is not even possible to zoom out after accessing optics with different hotkey
  • It is not even possible to zoom out after exiting vehicle, re-entering it and accessing optics with other hotkey than Sec. Mouse button.

Only way to reset optics zoom is to restart game session.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Go to Configure>Controls>Keyboard, Click presets and change preset to Arma3 Alternative
  • Open blank map in editor
  • Drop in default soldier and empty Hunter HMG
  • Launch editor mission, and enter the Hunger HMG as a gunner
  • Access optics using right mouse button
  • Notice it will immediately zoom to the max zoom level, and it is impossible to zoom out.

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I can confirm that this is still an issue. Even if "zoom temporary" is mapped to other keys, pressing Zoom Temporary immediately after pressing the key to enter the gun camera/sight will cause a state of being permanently zoomed all the way in.

I know of a few other people that also have this issue.