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IR/thermal vision not simulated properly with fog, smoke , clouds and ambient temperature.
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IR vision is able to see through smoke , fog and clouds , this is not the case in Arma 3 . For these properties IR vision is used by photographers , firefighters , satellites , spy planes and UAVs .

Also not all smoke are transparent on IR vision , smoke coming directly from fireplaces, burning vehicles and buildings is heated up thus bright/visible in IR.

Moreover thermal imaging of a hot object does not change relatively to ambient/environment/surface temperatures.
Lets say a human in an hot environment (Altis/Stratis in summer) with OBJECT SURFACE TEMPS around 37 C should have the same color-intensity on thermal vision as the environment and practically natural camo , while on a cold December night he should light up like Times square and even his breath should be visible .


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Load the editor , place a soldier 100 meters away , throw a smoke grenade in between and switch to thermal , notice how smoke covers heat imaging(Not just the soldier's but the general environment).

For the fog repeat the same with fog 100% this time , switch to thermals . Notice that in the fog the IR vision stops where natural eye vision also stops.

And for the environment temp change just place a unit , change the date to a summer month and watch it with thermals , then switch to a winter month and observe that thermal imaging (of the unit and the environment) is the same as before.

Additional Information

I have tested this with the laser designator , hunter gmg and kamysh apc.

I haven't tested the clouds yet but i doubt they work correctly.

Anyone with knowledge is more than welcome to add to the subject as my knowledge is only in the physics behind these machines and not on the devices themselves.

An other thing to note is that thermal imaging of a soldier changes with night/day (which is already simulated in arma 3) , just not to confuse with climate and season change.

Also this is not a balancing/nerfing thing , it is about simulating properly IR vision like in reality.

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Hot rain :p

with the rain, if you pause the game while on thermal, it will become cold, but it starts out hot...