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Abnormal GPU usage
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GPU temperature and fan speed is high when at the main menu screen (with top down view of the map) but as soon as I go into a mission especially multiplayer mission, GPU temperature and fan speed decreases. FPS is also affected.

I can confirm this because I have MSI afterburner installed and enabled software auto fan speed control.
It will adjust my gpu fan speed according to the gpu temperature.


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Just run the game.
If you have msi afterburner, enable the auto fan speed control and observe the behaviour of your gpu temperature and fan while in main menu screen and while in a mission.

Additional Information

Intel Core i5 3570
8gb Ram
Windows 8 x64

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u playing first time new gen games? a 100% gpu usage is normal... my card turns to 72°c and has a fan speed with 2000-3000rpm (xfx hd 7950)

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I thought GPU usage is suppose to be low while at the main menu and increase when you are playing in a mission. But in my case stated above, it was the other way round.

Are you starting with -world =empty?
If I put every option at minimum with -world =empty I get 800 FPS in the menu.
Nothing strange about that as there is no frame limiter and there is almost nothing to render.
You can enable vsync to limit FPS to 60.

Bucic added a comment.Jun 14 2015, 9:16 PM

"Are you starting with -world =empty?"
In my case, yes and I really don't think this invalidates the bug report.

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Sep 13 2017, 3:55 PM

There is no FPS limit in main menu. Which is the cause.