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suggestion an Underwater base
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In Arma 3 you have a hughes underwater environment, why not create underwater bases...
Will be nice!


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Yeah, because that's very realistic.

realistic? yes! we have allready underwater bases on earth dude!

Where? The image you posted clearly says
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Concept art

Do you know what sci-fi means?

Bytheway, the game takes place in 2035...

2035...to0 soon.besides, with the other technology in the game, it would be too advanced. BIS has already set what the technology limit would be for this game.

The picture is just a exsample! wtf is your problem!

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I wouldn't ask for underwater bases, but for an "ocean cutter". Unless you can script this already somehow, then the ability to create a dry spot under the sea level would be a good addition.

it would not be very practical in a war. you can't set it up and take it down very fast. the local population does not have the technology for this kind of stuff. so, there its just not practical or possible.

pops, yes i agree, something like that... the game will be more dynamic as it already is...

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Then I suggest you change the ticket name and description to something more suitable. :) Underwater bases sound like Bioshock, but imagine the inside of a submarine, a Seawolf maybe, staging for an underwater insertion using the SDV.

did you not post this idea allready? if you did, i remove this post... you have right about the discription, but i just mean a sort of base like oildrilling or laboratory...

Yhea no.

Do you mean an oil rig or do you mean Rapture?

Just downvote this. This boy is trying to turn this into cod..

Scorp3, please tell me do you want an oil-rig or Rapture?

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