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The diver can't switch weapons, while swimming
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If you enter the water as a diver and don't hold you SDAR (or other rifles/mps) in your hand, you are not able to switch to your weapon, as long as you are swimming or diving.

Additional Information and thanks to CXN2615:

If you hold the SDAR in your hands while swimming and "accidently" press the key for "switch gun / handgun" (; by default), you will still hold the SDAR in your hands but aren't able to shoot.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce
  1. open the editor
  2. place a diver at the beach
  3. play as the diver and before entering the water, just switch to you pistol
  4. as long as you are in the water, you are not able to switch to your weapon


  1. play as the diver and while swimming or diving, press the "switch gun / handgun" key (; by default) and you won't be able to shoot your SDAR as long as you are swimming and diving.

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What's more annoying me is that if you pressed the switch weapon key(Default";") with SDAR in your hand, your SDAR goes unusable and can't be switched back under water.

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