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Sniper rifle bullets can move burnt HEMTT
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In certain situations (when the "carcass" of the HEMTT isn't fully stable on the ground), a 50 cal round can move the vehicle at 400m like a cruise missile probably would.

See video:

EDIT: Video put on YouTube instead of Dropbox. {F21703}


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Game Physics
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I put a HEMTT on the bridge in Agia Marina (near the basketball court). This leads it to explode for some reason (another bug?)

Anyway, so it can get stuck in an odd way across the canal, and this leads it to be vulnerable to this glitch/bug.

If you blow up a HEMTT on the road, and it's perfectly stable, nothing happens.

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Notice all the textures reloading/redrawing when i exit the scope view? Yes, more issues. :/

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Well... Sniper rifles shoot pretty powerful bullets, I think this would occur in real life also.

WHAT?! How!? WHAT?

Did you watch the video?

i guess he didnt xD

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GeneralScott, you being ironic or what? And no, it wouldn't have moved even by little in real life. If it did, the recoil would rip half your body up.

Lol true. Force = mass x acceleration, after all.

When the truck went somersaulthing in the end i just stared at my screen in disbelief. :D

.408 rounds are pretty powerful, so seems legit.

I am pretty sure you could recreate this with any vehicle and weapon. It happens when the geometry of two models collide, then the physics mess up.

What seems legit? That truck must weigh over 2 metric tons! That bullet weighs 52g at the most! (this was a .50 not a .408, which is lighter)

Here, see this stuff:

A 50 cal can make a hole through a layer of concrete, sure, it can't do what it's doing in the video.

Anyway, issue's been reviewed so i hope it's fixed eventually.

Yeah, probably could happen to any vehicle, but as you say, that's the physics engine messing up.

Sorry, was trying to make fun of GeneralScottm but forgot the smiley :)

But guys, everybody knows high caliber sniper rifles should kill anything it hits in one shot for balancing purposes, since its bolt action it SHOULD do tons of damage to be realistic. It should stay as it is! I mean THIS is a sniper rifle bullet from a dragonov so it should be OP.

You are totally right. My aunt told me she heard from a bus driver that all sniper rifles shoot with depleted-tungsten triple-duty rounds with dark matter cores, that weighs around 150 kg and travels at a speed of around 4600 m/s which equals 1.6 Gj. That equals around 380 kg TNT. One shot, one giant explosion!

BTW, a Dragunov uses 7.62mm cartridges :)

@stonestriker sorry! I was actually wondering because your second para seemed in support.

^LOL @ dark matter cores. XD

@GeneralScott: "One-hit kill" is different from "makes two-ton truck somersault through the air".

Here, see this:

You're looking at around 20kJ of energy. Penetrate through armour, concrete, multiple people, but it won't do that to a truck.

And yes, as stonestriker says, a Dragunov uses 7.62mm.