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Cicadas (tree crickets) should be audible only in summer months
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This is the least "problem" that the devs should worry about, though it really wouldn't be much of a hassle to correct it: Cicadas in mediterranean zone emerge only during summer time (approx. June-August), but are not present the rest of the year. In Arma 3, cicadas are the main ambient sound that plays back during daytime (but very correctly is not present at night). That ambient sound should be audible only during summer, and during September-May it should be removed.. or simply be replaced by something else.

Again, I'm aware that this is the least thing one should worry about, since it doesn't affect gameplay etc, but it wouldn't be bad if a little more attention was paid to such small details.


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Here's how those things sound like, for those wondering what I'm talking about:
and some info about them:

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Something that I wouldn't have directly noticed, but would have subconsciously felt as the seasons change. +1