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Add more civilian vehicles in the final release
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I really want more civilian vehicles in the final release next week, im tired of only having an offroad truck. we need busses,cars,sports cars,suburbans,vans,etc
if the case is only having a pickup truck in the final game. i would hate that.


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I agree that a greater variety if for nothing but ambiance is needed, but I wouldn't aim for release as a priority. Maybe target the SP campaign release or wait for the modders to inevitably do their thing.

Have a look at these pictures ( More civilian vehicles are on the way. But a bus and larger trucks seem necessary.

Yeah, typical BI just letting modders finish their game.

yea thats what i wanted to ask at the Gamescom in colonge, but nobody was there who could answer me:(
but they should add manny manny more vehicles, because thats verry important for the arma series i think.

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There will be more vehicles in the release. Check the launch page vehicle features.