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Doors are not generating any sound
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When I open/close a door in real life, it usually makes a sound.

When I open/close doors in other games, they usually make a sound.

It's another old relic that has been around since OFP and was probably classified as "it has always been this way mkay?" ;) .

The missing sounds have quite a drawback in MP as you gain no audible confirmation of e.g. an enemy entering your building. It's also less atmospheric.

Sounds can be implemented via scripts executed when the animation triggers since OFP.

See this addon by Mondkalb for an implementation of (mp-synchronized) door sounds:


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to a building
  2. Open a door
  3. Close it

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Ive been wondering whats missing from the immersion of walking in a house! voted up

Yep same here, so it was a good idea to open this ticket afterall ;) . I fixed/updated the description - it was quite late.

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Also would be nice if they would work on this strange echo of gunshots, Altis is mostly flat, so it sounds imo strange.

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What I must to do if I want to open door quietly?!?!?!

Look at RainbowSix 3 or Spinter Cell! When you can open door without any noise if you doing it slowly!

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Duplicate of ticket already assigned. (To the same dev.)

Added some info from here to there.