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Need batteries for the Darter
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A request for a battery item for the soldier to carry to "refuel" the Darter. {F21610}


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Yup..pretty fair ;)

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 4:14 PM

All drones must have batterys or recharging stations

It just need to made a battery ( rangefinder battery maybe ) that refuel the darter... The autonomy is very useless... Neither my parrot ardrone has this few autonomy and it's a toy... An uav in 2035 maybe get something more...

I'm almost certain you can 'refuel' Darter by fuel truck and by landing on the roof of gas station.

Yes, its stupid that electric UAV needs gasoline. Its no realistic at all.
There should be possibility to recharge it from vehicle or replace battery.

gutsnav added a subscriber: gutsnav.May 7 2016, 4:14 PM

You should be able to use the Laser Designator Batteries for the man packable UAS platforms.

Funny you guys should mention this... exactly what I mentioned to a few guys on my server lately because the drone lacks range and IF one crashes because it ran out of fuel while connected to a player terminal - YOU become the enemy!

So... I ripped thru old scripts and BIS_Wiki and compiled EXACTLY what you guys want (originally for myself) a few days ago.

Was going to be greedy by not sharing and hosting this on my server missions alone because most the time people dont appreciate my help/work but honestly couldn't stop thinking about your request so give me a few to assemble an "example mission" and upload it to this ticket :)

Ported over MSO_Arma2 to A3 (PROPERLY) a while back and just now combined it with ALiVE Profiling (which at first didnt seem possible) which will allow us to turn up the AI without a HC so give me a few to test what I started during this post and I will help you guys out

  • Farrell

Scripts to Refuel/Recharge/Replace UAV Battery uploaded

  • UAV BAttery --------------------------

Enables action to refuel/recharge Darter UAVs/Drones with LaserDesignatorBattery

  • No known bugs... works on SP & MP/Dedicated
  • 0 battery =

no effect + message notifying the player needs batteries.

  • 1 battery =

50% refuel/recharge + removes 1 battery from player + "heal" anim + message notifying player action is complete.

  • 2 battery =

100% refuel/recharge (1 battery at a time / per action)

this forces the player to be well equiped if he/she wants to keep the UAV operational.

How to use:

Walk up to the UAV (Darter Drone) and scroll/select the action
[OPTIONAL] Use your "Salute" key to activate the action

How to install:

[Copy the following file(s) to your mission]
"UAV_Battery" (folder)

[Copy the following text(s) to your mission init file]
///// Recharge UAV //////
nul = [] execVM "UAV_Battery\battery_init.sqf";

bumping for visibility. just spent a very long time en route to the AO, told my drone (AR-2 Darter) to meet me there. Arrived to find it landed in the ground with 4% fuel. Couldn't complete my mission.