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Replay recording system
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ArmA 3 is missing a replay recording feature. In order to capture action your only choice is to use a CPU/Memeory and HDD resource draining third party program that also gives the user the ability to record only his POV.

What the game needs is a replay recording function similar to HLTV or GOTV that records the coordinates and actions players and the abiltiy to reproduce them, like all the other modern games.

Since this is available in VBS2 it is possible to introduce it in the game, without much effort.

Clearly it is one of the most useful tools that modern games have for many reasons.


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In VBS its called 'After Action Review' (AAR) and it would be amazing to have in ARMA3 but I doubt it will happen.

Its one of the additions to make it a more serious tool for training and one of the reasons why VBS is so expensive.

yeah but cs and cod have it for free...

if I could upvote a thousand times for this I would!!!

Just like a racing sim or flight sim etc... with multiple camera angles & slow motion.

This kind of thing was what I loved back in my IL-2 days. If this can be added some time after release and important fixes it would be very welcome. I don't see it happening, but I'd like it all the same.

This functionality partially exists despite with cumbersome access to a player. mission scripters can use:


along with


I wouldn't be surprised if some camera mod would show up and implement such functions to fit the purpose of this op.

the problem is that these commands don't actually work in multiplayer as far as i know. Anyways, a full recording ability would include a GUI for pausing etc

We have accTime, cant we have decTime so we can go back in time?

accTime/decTime: it would be just a matter of the command accepting negative values. But there is potential for a can of worms there in regards to the various simulation systems working in reverse.

There are mods that do this... :whistle:

the point is not tho have to work with third party software = mods.

But an official out of the box part of the game.

I would love to see that too!!!

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We need this badly for Multiplayer movie makers

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here is arma 2 example of how it can be done (without in-game representation)