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Some rocks are transparent to bullets, AI
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I was being shot from the petrol pump while prone behind a rock on the hill.

See screenshots. {F21588} {F21589} {F21590} {F21591} {F21592} {F21593} {F21594} {F21595} {F21596} {F21597} {F21598} {F21599} {F21600}


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Haven't tried to reproduce it outside of the same mission (as in, i never tried launching the self made mission again and going prone behind the same rock), but i did expose myself and then take cover again repeatedly in the same session.

But basically, expose yourself to the dead accurate AI (i was fighting a rifle squad) and then get back behind this rock, if you can find it.

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Reproducibility: On the larger rocks, always. Doesn't happen on the smaller ones.

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Are you sure they're not flanking you or behind you?

Confirmed, with many rocks of that type you can shoot and be shot through the edge of the model.

LOL of course i'm sure, they're at the petrol pump.


well (1), its a beta, so please don't share your snide surprise. its seriously known that there are bugs.

...especially since you didn't want to reproduce, or provide any other info.....and its not clear from your low-res screenshots if there is a possibility a unit spread out to the side and can actually see you...

(2) for the record the rock in question is at position [2584.6,5785.46,0.00125885]

(3) in my testing bullets did pass through this rock's edges, seemingly at the rock vertices (also noted that only tracer rounds were the ones that actually provided hits on the player).

use this code in the player init to tell which part of the body is being hit and with what (laying where you were provided mostly right-side hits):

this addEventHandler ["hitpart",{hintsilent format ["%1",_this]}]; this allowDamage false;

(4) as of 8/15 in the dev branch they reported still working on rock collisions, so if you're in stable branch.....

  1. We're not far from launch, and...i've had this issue with a lot of rocks. Some seem to be transparent to AI movement as well, will report that issue too.

Low res: i'm sorry, i have a 1024x768 monitor, those are Steam screen shots, best i can do.

But you know, sorry for the bit of's just that some issues have really started bothering me (especially the core engine related ones), as i don't see them being fixed before launch...i could be wrong (hope so).

This was my experience with BF3's launch as well, i had participated in the Beta. Not much changed between.

EDIT: Well, looks like i was right. Seems we're still in Beta, eh?

  1. Yeah I should have provided the rock's location, but as i said, i had noticed this was happening with rocks in general. I'll link to the mission itself in a while.
  1. Thanks for the additional verification. I really haven't gotten into ArmA scripting, i probably should, soon...
  1. Yup, i'm on stable.

Ok, i got what i was supposed to do to the init code.

spine3, right arm, right upper leg are being hit. I zoomed in, tilted the camera, and couldn't see the AI from those points, so they shouldn't have an LoS either.


Used the bullet tracing script to show that bullets were indeed going right through the rock, added pictures to the ticket of the same.

I think, that this should be already fixed, please can you confirmed?

Yup, fixed with version 1.08. Thanks!

p.s. Though rocks have a bit too generous of a hit box now, so your cross-hair appears blocked even though it's pointing over air, and not the rock.

OK, i take that back, it's NOT fixed on all rocks yet. Also, the second issue is confirmed (bullets bouncing off air), adding more pictures.

Some rocks still have the issue, look at picture 2014-01-04_00002.jpg.

Also, look at the pictures following it, you can see bullets being deflected by air as if they had hit the rock.

Do i have to start a new ticket about the same issue... :/

It's impossible to do them exactly same penetrable geometry same as visual geometry. 10 centimetres we dont want to solve as priority.

From this picture "2014-01-04_00002.jpg" we cannot recognize which stone is it.

BTW, when you start hundreds of threads it's only useless time, which can we spend somewhere else.

But don't other games manage this? I'm only making such an issue about this because it affects combat, especially since the nature of Arma is more "lie behind cover for a while and shoot intelligently" than run and gun.

What if i think i'm shooting over the rock, but the bullet actually hits the invisible geometry? I end up revealing my position, because the shot can be heard! I also waste precious ammo.

Seeing that people were making so much noise about hit boxes being a pixel different for female characters, a rock being 10cm more than it should seems like a big deal, no? After all, 10 bullets laid next to each other could fit through 10cm...

I'll update the exact coordinates of the rock, but i'm under the impression that it's a general issue with rocks (i've seen it in other places) Is there no way for you to develop a generalised method for rocks?

I'm aware it's useless, but this got marked as feedback, so i was wondering.