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Can't move when reloading small arms and prone
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If you're prone and you reload, you can't move. So if you instinctively hit R in the middle of a firefight, and then try to wiggle/roll behind cover, you're doomed.

This shouldn't happen. Movement shouldn't be restricted. Delay or cancel the reload if you have evidence to suggest that people can't move while reloading and prone, but don't make it a death trap.


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Go prone, reload, try to move.

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Related issue for heavy weapons:

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How would you move? Both of your hands are busy.

And your legs, arms, torso, etc. turn to stone? :P

You could pause reloading, finish moving, then continue, as well. Or just roll over.

You can do so even in America's Army, a game *by* the US Army, and they seem to think it's possible...

Point is, in real life, you have far more control. It's not like you're going to mechanically continue reloading while being shot at. Since this is a game, you have to compensate for that reduction in body control.

Sure that the animations now are a big problem cause you're freezed during it, a pause when moving or just cancel the action can be good.

Yup, that'll do too.

Agree. The player is paralyzed, if he:

  1. Recharges
  2. Heals itself
  3. Change weapon

This is not correct, I think the player should just stop any of these actions and be able to move, when it is necessary!