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More hit force when a bullet kills an AI
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Right now they seem to just go limp, even when shot with the sniper rifle. Its as if the bullet passes through them with very little effort. Like shooting through jello.

I have also been able to get triple kills with the sniper rifle, which is very unrealistic as it went through all three of their vests.


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What caliber? If it's a .50 it's normal, you can't imagine how much powerfull it is.

Yes, I was talking about the .50 cal. I can understand that it would move through a guy like butter but the other guns have the same problem.

A body armor is not designed to protect to such caliber, to a 7.62 yes. A 12.7 ( .50 ) is really much powerfull! After there's prob ingame with body armor and I don't know with the last updates. But 12.7 is designed to be really really powerfull, with special amunition you can hit a tank, the bullet goes inside it, so imagine the devastating power.

A tank!? That's awesome. But even with other less powerful guns it seems as if they just fainted except it lasts forever. Im not too familiar with this engines capabilities, but I have modded bullet impact force in other games just for laughs, and in most cases it is fairly simple. But like I said, I don't know if that's the case for ArmA.

If you want to do a mod go to

The community is big, you can ask how to do, I'm sorry I'm not an expert, but lot of people can help-you. If you can make a mod with a more precise hitpoint impact on the character it could be awesome, I'm waiting for a long time for a realistic mod for wounds and medics, wanted it in the game but too restrictions! Well try on the forum lots of people can help you with the tools.

You are talking about two things and not being clear.

Do you want more impact force? (totally unrealistic, people are not knocked down by bullets, they fall down from the shock of being shot or from being dead.)

In this video [real death] you see firing squads executing nazis and spies in WW2. If you watch it you will notice that they are NOT thrown backwards by as much as 10 30-06 rounds impacting them near simultaneously.

As for your second part. Again you misunderstand ballistics. Many large rifle calibers are more than capable of passing through 2-3 people. Potentially even creating secondary projectiles out of bones of the first target.

Just want to clarify... a .50 cal stops engine blocks... humans are made of flesh and bone and body armor is no where near the thickness of an engine block.

So many false assumptions in one ticket...

a) the energy for shooter and target is the same. If you are not knocked down by the recoil, your target isn't either. The energy is comparable to that of a chocolate bar being thrown at you. Irrelevant, even for a 12,7x99.

Ballistic protection has nothing to do with thickness. An engine block is made of cast metal and cylinders of hardened steel. A ballistic vest is made of layers of Kevlar, entangling the bullet and spreading the energy over a wide area.

If you can penetrate an engine block, you not always can penetrate a ballistic vest, especially if it has armour plates to spread the energy even more.

Ragdoll is way too much in any game. A headshot would drop the body like a bag of cement, without any movement. A shot to the center mass will stop the human in his tracks, on the run, he will fall over. With high velocity rounds, he might not even notice being hit (overpenetration) and proceed to charge you. Happens with 5,56x45 ball ammunition alot (drugs add to that "invincibility")

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Working as intended.