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Rain does not effect windshields / player
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I was testing out the new rain, good job by the way, and I noticed that rain does not show on windshields or get in your eyes. I think that the game would be stunning if the rain had effects that make it harder to see as it really does. A "Rain in your eyes" effect should be easy. I am thinking for windshields you could have two rain effects: one for not moving and one for moving. "Not moving" would just be rain sliding down the windshield, and "moving" would be water rolling to the side/up the glass (Maybe add windshield wipers? :D). There might be a problem with helicopters though (jets would be fine), because it would look weird if the rain was being blown the wrong direction because you are flying backwards. It would also be cool if there was a tapping noise when inside a building/vehicle.


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I think the drumming of rain inside buildings would be a fantastic addition! Must say, I think it looks excellent so far!

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it wont affect anything as of yet until they do this rain overhaul

Even a generic, linear 'rain on windshield' effect would be awesome. But then I suppose people would start asking for functioning wipers.

And certainly the sound of rain on objects would increase immersion.

There is no audible indication of rain hitting the players clothing/helmet. The rain is strictly an ambiance sound effect at present. Off-course this should be more noticeable in 1st person. great concept though ;)

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