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Make the ground textures darker by rain
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I've testet the rain....

And it's only a filter effect, for the player.

It would look much better if the ground looks wet.
Maybe just darken the ground texture slightly.


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Who downvoted this?

Probably an environment artist.

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Maybe also add a specular map to streets.

Especially the physical implications with rain are missed totally, still. (Although humidity is getting very interesting!)
Slippery ground, more heavy clothes, puddles and even an FSM for Civ-AI to find good cover from the rain...dreams...^^

Related to #5797, #6055

Just the ground??? Is that all???

Rain sure needs more emphasis in ARMA, just the filter effect doesn't convey much really.

Honestly I would just be happy if the player, vehicles, buildings, objects, ricks and plantlife etc all could have a wet look overall, as well as every object and surface. For players, this can happen over a period of a minute or two after the rain starts, the wet look can fade in, but for swimming, really only has to be applied as soon as animations switches to swimming animation, then voila. It doesn't have to a very in depth, and resource hungry effect at all. skip the fancy gimmicks, we dont really need them as we wont be paying attention to that level of detail, as long as the effect is there to satisfy logic, because currently, the current rain implimentation just feels very off and makes no logical sense.

This effect should easily be applied too. since vehicles and players have damage layers, create an additional layer for wet, and for muddy. Wet texture can be applied during rain, or when in water (swimming) and muddy can trigger during rain when kneeling (legs get muddy tex) or going prone (stomach, arms and face get muddy tex) or rolling (full body gets the muddy tex)... For vehicles, the same really, during rain the vehicle will get a wet with a specular glint, when vehicle drives in the rain for a min or so, it will turn into muddy texture where mud is likely to occur and gather on the vehicle. I am sure this should be totally do-able, but will just require some additional effort by artists.

Also to note, during rain, there shouldnt really be much dust kicked up from chopper downforce, or vehicles traveling on dirt, it should rather have minimal mud splatter kicking up. This could be majorly beneficial to those who can actually strategically use the rain to an advantage.