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HE rounds (20/30/40mm) sound not rendered for each round impact.
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currently when you shot HE rounds from vehicles (IFV and attack choppers) at high rate of fire, impact sound fail to be rendered for each impact, and for certain vehicles (ah99 blackfoot) it's not rendered at all.

the engine seems to skip rounds sounds if they impact at the nearly same time.

if you fire 3 round burst all three round should be audible from each others.

make as many impact sound played than rounds shot.


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Yeah I noticed this with the AH99. No sound at all when the AI fires the cannon. The gun fire is silent and the impacts are silent.

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Typicall. Bohemia is horrible when the matter is about sounds.

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I can confirm this problem with AH99. No impact sound when the bullets hit the ground or when the gunfires.

I can reproduce this with the buzzard jet , no sound at all for bullet impact.

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