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Script command broken.
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The script command - this addItem "NVGoggles"; is only working in the stable branch version and becomes broken in the development branch version.

the code first broke straight after the "Dev Build version: EXE rev. 09136, 16-08-2013" and has remained that way ever since. {F21519}


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There is a demo mission attached to this report.

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Because the addItem "NVGoggles"; command is broken I haven't been able to check if assignItem "NVGoggles"; is broken or not.

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Your test unit has no free inventory space which is why you're not able to add NVGs. Remove a box of ammo and it works fine. Or switch to another unit with more free inventory space.

Could you please try what kylania said and let me know if that helps? Thanks

Yeah kylania was right on the money DarkDruid I reverted back to the dev build today and change the autorifleman to a rifleman and the code worked fine, so it looks like its not actually broken, its that now if a unit doesn't have NVGoggles and you want to give that unit a set of NVGoggles I thick you first have to factor in the weight the unit is carrying to see if the unit has enough inventory space to be given a set of NVGoggles or not. I think its all to do with this new unit weight carrying capacity system that has been introduced.

So what was once a pretty simple thing to do has become a little more complicated.

Is that the way you see it ?



Closing as not a bug, because there is no bug in these script commands.

This issue is caused by wrong values in unit's config. You are able to insert into unit's inventory via config more items than the space of that inventory is. We know about this issue and it should be fixed soon. Thanks for your feedback.

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.