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UAV terminal waypoints shared by UV and current vehicle if used from a vehicle commander's position
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If you attempt to assign waypoints to an unmanned vehicle via the UAV terminal while in command of a manned vehicle, the clicks on the terminal map will command both the UV and the driver of the vehicle you are sat in, to go to that position.

I think it would be sensible if the UAV Terminal mapclicks did not give waypoints to any other units besides the UAV/UGV it is connected to. {F21497}


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Download the attached example mission and extract to your User Missions directory
  1. Open the Editor and load Commander_with_Terminal.Stratis, click preview
  1. You will start as the commander of an AMV-7 Marshall at the southern end of the runway, with a UAV terminal in your inventory. Note I have made sure you are not the group commander in order to demonstrate that this bug occurs when in command of a vehicle, not just when you are in command of a group while seated in a vehicle.
  1. Use the UAV terminal (via the action menu) to connect to the Stomper UGV located at the Northern end of the runway.
  1. Assign waypoints for the UGV to move to by ctrl+clicking the map in the UGV terminal.
  1. Observe that you issue move commands to the driver of your Marshall whenever you assign a position for the UGV to move to.

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Should be fixed in current version of dev branch.

Yep, it seems to have been resolved. Took me a little while to check and confirm - sorry!

Thank you for taking the time to work on this Borivoj.

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