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Unable to connect to UAVs if you're use by a script added UAV terminals
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If you're not an UAV Operator, and add the UAV Terminal by script or from an AmmoBox you're not able to connect to any Drone.

If you're an UAV Operator and drop your UAV Terminal and add a new one from Ammo Box you're also not able to connect to any Drones....

It seems that added Terminals by Script (also by Init-Line) not connected to the UAV Engine...


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

1.) Place a BLUFOR player in Editor (not the UAV Operator)
2.) Place a BULFOR Drone (not empty)
3.) add the Terminal via Init-Line the playable Unit
4.) Preview and try to connect to the Drone

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You need to have UAV Terminal assigned in your GPS slot. Is that added UAV Terminal assigned in right slot?

"(unitBackpack this) additemCargo ["B_UavTerminal",1];"

I use this way.

"addWeapon "B_UavTerminal";" will add it to the correct slot, but will delete existing Items in it.

Oh and a other point is, you can can't connect to "Empty" UAV's/UGV's.
Choose them from the correct Side. Not Empty.

yes it is assigned to the right "itemslot"...->GPS-Slot...youre not able to connect to drones, if you pick up an uav-terminal and assign it in your inventory.

if the drone-op drag his terminal and take an other terminal, its not working as well...

if you are rifleman, pick up drone-terminal from crate, you´re not able to use it on a drone...only as uav-operator...
yes i assigned it to the gps slot...

Unable to reproduce. Are you using any user-made mod? Could you try it without any mods? Thanks


Are you sure, the drones you want to control are on your side? Not empty? Or enemy?

now it seems to work....

We've used the VAS Ammobox to add the terminal, and it add by Default the Opfor Terminal....

Sorry for this fault...

Problem solved...

No problem. Thanks of info, closing.

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.