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UAV ignores new waypoints if it has reached a LAND waypoint.
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Once a UAV (fixed wing) reaches a LAND waypoint its landing autopilot is switched on. This means that if you give it any new waypoints it will ignore them and continue to land.

Taking control of the UAV and manually turning off the autopilot doesn't work because as soon as you release the UAV it will turn back on.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Let a fixed wing UAV reach a LAND waypoint.

Assign it a new waypoint.

Take control and observe that Landing Autopilot is still switched on.

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Can anyone else confirm this issue is valid?

jealco added a subscriber: jealco.May 7 2016, 4:06 PM

It is. Just had a UAV that refused to do anything BUT land after I gave it a land waypoint. Really sucks when you're trying to run two UAV's at two separate AO's and one of them goes to land at the nearest airbase EVERY TIME you leave it alone, whether it has a waypoint or not.

Still present in 1.06

Still present in 1.38!


Greyhawk ignores all commands/moves, and just wants to land when no one is at the controls!

At one point, I did successfully disconnect from the UAV and connected to the terminal with the map and make way points where the UAV did follow. But only one time. The remaining tries all reverted to the UAV wanting to land, while ignoring all way point commands.

kromxp added a subscriber: kromxp.May 7 2016, 4:06 PM

two years and four months later still unsolved... the UAV FSM must be really messed up.

I've only used the UAV's several times within the past year, and keep getting deterred from using the UAV's more so due to the UAV's straying from the way points, as well as other glitches with the way point system. (ie. Divert from the 3D view of the UAV or UAV screen back to the real 3D world and then back again to the UAV 3D view, only to find the UAV is now preparing to land back at base instead of going to it's way points. Kind of nuts to use the UAV's due to the inconsistencies.

Sort of like trying to play alongside a zealous nut. No matter how much or how little you try, things are just not going to go peacefully.

Still present in 1.98, would be keen to see this fixed.

Reproduced with the MQ-12 Falcon helicopter UAV, it will not respond to any additional waypoints after executing a Land waypoint. This can be reproduced using either the UAV terminal, or by setting waypoints in the Eden Editor.

E.g. Setting a chain of Move > Land > Move waypoints, everything after the Land waypoint is ignored once the UAV begins the landing sequence. Cancelling or creating new waypoints has no effect.

Believe this may be related to the BIS_fnc_wpLand function. Can also re-produce issue by landing the UAV using the console command '[group (vehicles select 0), (getPosATL cursorObject), BIS_vehicle] spawn BIS_fnc_wpLand;'

Have noticed the 'unitReady' flag for the UAV remains False indefinitely when a new waypoint is set after landing, even if that waypoint is subsequently cancelled. Have been unable to reset unitReady to True for the UAV via any means once landing sequence is initiated. Unsure if this is related to the main issue.

Lukio added a subscriber: Lukio.Oct 1 2021, 3:39 PM

Stumbled over this yesterday as well. Sent an MQ-12 to the AAF airfield to have easy access to it when AA is down in the nearby AO.

Took control, flew it manually (autonomous off, no way point) to the over-watch position. Turned on autopilot and then moved to turret view. Immediately the drone started descending to around 10 or 20m ASL.

Tested the behavior again without prior "LAND" way point and it works as expected, stays hovering in the air and holds altitude where it was when switching to turret view.