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Stomper UAV kills you when you "kill" an AR-2 next to him.
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UAVs consider you an enemy when you destroy another friendly UAV and attack you.
UAVs should obey Asimovs first law at least considering factions.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Be an UAV operator.
In editor place some AR-2 in front of you and an armed Stomper next to you.
Start shooting the AR-2s.

Additional Information

Game version:77.109136

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Zek added a comment.Aug 28 2013, 6:39 AM

I Agree, I accidentally shot a friendly UAV and the stomer I was operating killed me, that's weird

True, even destroying a darter by accidentally running it into something or landing too quick will make other UAVs thirst for your blood somehow.

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Robots got feelings too. That's an interesting point abotu Asimov's laws, especially regarding faction. I noticed they don't tend to stop or try to evade when you walk in front of them or apprach them from the side while they are moving. Saw some horribly maimed pixels that day.

duplicate (of): #13152

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Closing as duplicate.