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Unit Squad placement.
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When using the editor, and attempting to place a squad, (even if spawned in one unit at a time) always spawn in, in the Vee formation off squad leader, no matter the re-arrangement of said squad.
Pain for placing in confined places.
PS. FIX THE MAP! Buildings on map don't correspond when on the ground, playing!


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Editor, anywhere, attempt to place a squad in a building (Agia marina for example) Rearange them however you wish, then preview, and see the formation.
(Ps.) Spawn yourself at the edge of a building, then preview, are you where you thought you would be?

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You just need to make sure that the "In formation" option is not set, change it to "None"

This ticket would be better responded to if you asked the Developers to add the "Special" option to the Group Menu so you can set all the units to Formation, In Cargo, Flying or None in one go.

The buildings on the editor map wont match what is in the game world until BIS have time and are able to update the icons. They will fix it when the can if they can.

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Solved by Eden Editor.

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