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Take UAV controls Menu item does not appear when UAV operator linked to group
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Having a UAV operator drop the UAV and take control is fine when he is alone (spawned in editor), but when you link them to a group they can no longer (Connect terminal to UAV) - menu item doesnt show.. Unlinking the UAV operator fixes it.

Pretty sure its a bug, unless the higher ranking squad members have to control it, but it wouldnt make sense as the UAV operator has the controls.

Video Attached - to replicate - It was in my mission, but same thing if you do it in a blank mission



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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Create single UAV operator - Spawn into game , works and functions fine.
(Connect terminal to UAV comes up)

Create a group (Squad/fireteam - whatever) and link the UAV operator to the group and it no longer works (Connect terminal to UAV does not show - He cannot use it at all.

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I encountered this as well.

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Interestingly we played the mission in MP server the other night and although it doesnt appear to show in the mission when run from the editor, it seemed to work in the mplayer game... Which is extrememly unusual.

Drathuu and myself played a mission he made after this and it worked at that time so may be sporadic in terms of reproduction.

I encountered this as well.

Should be fixed in current version of the game.

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