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Character Ragdoll has become very unrealistic...
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ARMA 3 Ragdoll used to be quite good!!! The characters simply dropped straight down just like footage from WW2 D-day landings, and looked heavy like they possess real mass...

Now when shot they seem to twitch and fling all over the place, sometimes bending in half and head butting the floor then immediately standing up straight again. Just yesterday I shot a soldier on the lower floor of a two storey building, and he flew up through the ceiling and ended up swinging from the ceiling (the next floor up) by his elbow :-s
They're acting as if they've been hit by a cannon ball charged with 6000 volts.

The old ragdoll was better by simply dropping in the direction that the character was travelling. {F21448}


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The character in the image (attached) was on the bottom floor of the building, now he's swinging from the ceiling of the second floor.

sometimes models fold in very unrealistic way when shot down

Unable to reproduce. They behave exactly as they've always done.

They've recently added some sort of bullet impact animation which makes them suddenly bend in half then stand up straight again in a really strange twitchy manner.
A similar thing happens when shot while in the prone position.

Also if you kill an enemy soldier inside a building or near a structure they can start to wobble and fly all over the place.

They used to just drop like a dead weight just like a person would when shot dead.

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I noticed in the Dev build too, but when I changed to Beta build they die ok.
I the Dev they died like in arma2 fixed poses. I dont know if is that what you mean. The pic you show is a glitch that happens sometimes.

The stupid "bobbing like an apple on water" has been there since the start, but now, when i thought it could get any worse....
Right now I wish they would just import the death anims from arma 2 and scrap the rag doll because it is outright terrible.

I have the feeling that lately it is messed up. The 'flinching' is sometimes greatly exaggerated with units almost doing cartwheels. I definitely believe that FeralCircus' finding is not a one-time-only glitch.

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I think the character models are actually full of rubber bands. They kind of flip out and tense all their muscles when they die.

Working on a garrison script I've encountered AI Units that were dropping from the first floor to the ground, in a very cartoon-ish manner, looks like they're performing some weird breakdance animation for a split second, with all limbs touching the ground, then getting up again.

Happens pretty much all the time.

To be quite fair; ragdoll on this game has always been terrible.

It would be nice to see some proper physics implemented.

Caused by #12128?

I think this should be resolved too, in dev build. Please confirm.

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