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Bug: Cannot control quadrotor laser designator until switching to flight control and using manual fire.
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If you spawn a quadrotor and control its turret, you can't lase targets. (At least not according to the HUD, which does not show the laser symbol after you click.)
Once you take controls of the flight, and use the action "Manual Fire", and take control of the turret, the laser designator works.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a darter UAV backpack and UAV Terminal(Spawn as an UAV Operator)
  2. Assemble the darter.
  3. Link it to the terminal
  4. Take controls of its turret
  5. Left click, see that nothing happens.
  6. Switch to taking controls of the UAV's flight controls.
  7. Toggle the action "Manual Fire" (you can untoggle it, doesn't seem to do anything)
  8. Switch to the turret's controls
  9. Left click, and see how the red laser symbol appears.

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Fixed, as far I tested.

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