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UAV yaw rate
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Quadrocopters like Darter should have quicker yaw rate. Also they are too fragile at landing.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

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I totally agree, the current yaw rate is way too slow, it makes navigating and aiming at stuff hard.

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I have a parrot quadrotor at home and it turnes WAY faster. And it is not even military lol

And not just quicker. A LOT quicker.

It currently takes 30 seconds to do a full 360, meaning it's rotating at 12° per second.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 4:03 PM

had just opened another ticket about this:


Quad-Copter rotation (pedals) needs serious tweaking (very slow / low input)

I have 2 quad-copters and seen the mil-variant in action during a deployment to Afghanistan.

Rotation should be at least 75-100% of the pitch/roll rate to allow

  • turning around (almost impossible)
  • use of Roll/bank + Rotation/yaw together which is most effective on copters DEV_Version

Electric motors have insane to almost instantaneous acceleration in small scale, and right now those UAV feel like they were fed with a battery of too low voltage :P
Also I think they didn't isolate the thing between collision and being shot at, lead to the issue of landing and breaking it, which is really hard to happen IRL.

mikemhz added a subscriber: mikemhz.May 7 2016, 4:03 PM

Totally agree. The yaw rate was the first thing I noticed.

Also the damage model. You would have to be going at full speed into a tree for that thing to even break. It has bumpers. Fly it into a wall and watch it bounce back with its ADVANCED AUTO-STABILIZATION technology (the hallmark of quad-copter drones). You can fly these things using an iPad with ease. Currently it's harder than flying a helicopter.

Fixed in today's dev branch update.

Mass-close of resolved tickets not updated in last two weeks.