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Player does not drown when seated a Stomper UAV
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When you sit in the stomper UAV (as a uav controller) and drive it into the sea, then you can sit in there forever and not drown.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. connect to stomper
  2. get in to the stomper
  3. take control of the stomper
  4. drive it into the ocean.
  5. engine becomes damaged and you sit in there and do not drown.

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There is broken postprocess, but I'm not able to sit there forever and not drown. I'm death after a few minutes. Could you please try it one more time and confirm it? Thanks

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Tested again with latest dev and I now die after 1:30. Before, I could leave, make coffee, came back and was still alive. I am however able to keep driving forward for those 90 secs whilst underwater. ie

    1. connect to stomper
  1. get in to the stomper
  2. take control of the stomper
  3. drive it into the ocean.
  4. the engine becomes damaged but you can still move forward very slowly for 90 secs until death. Don't turn at all, just hold W down. If you stop it will not move again, but if you don't stop or turn it will continue.


gonk added a comment.Aug 23 2013, 1:22 PM

OK.. now if I host a MP game... make someone else sit in the stomper... drive them into the sea... they will not drown.. 5 mins and counting.... this is also the case in a hunter. IE if I drive ( I drown), and the guy sitting next to me will not drown. Also the car keeps moving with W pressed until I drown..

yet to test other vehicles, but the Oxy gum mod is not going to be out until 2135... so it is a little early.. :p