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AI not opening fire on hostile civilian
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I've found out that nor BLUFOR, OPFOR or GREENFOR return fire when player playing as civilian is killing their team. They just stand there doing nothing, only watching their teammates being killed. I think soldiers should kill that civilian if he killed one or two of his teammates. {F21413}


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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a BLUFOR/OPGOR/GREENFOR team on the map
  2. Place yourself as a civilian on the map
  3. Get yourself a weapon and some ammunition (via scripts, ammoboxes etc.)
  4. Start to shoot those soldiers
  5. Notice they aren't returning fire
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How many soldiers did you shoot as a civilian?

AI do attack renegade Civilians, but this only happens if the Civ kills AI on a side they are friendly to (killing units on enemy sides increases rating)

Really, the game wasn't built to suit the Civ side fighting, the Independent side is for that.

@AD2001 I killed the whole squad.
@ceeeb Yeah, I know that this game isn't about that, but when civ attacks some soldiers, they should return fire instead of just watching, no matter what.

That's not true, I've just tested. CIV rating goes down with each kill and AIs get MORE hostile the lower your rating is.


hint str rating player

command. I got killed by 3rd AI at -2800.

@Reporter, please retest and upload repro mission if you can still experience the bug

@klamacz, I've retested, it's still happening. I've uploaded the repro mission as you asked me to, and I also recorded and uploaded video, it's in Additional Information.

Ceeeb made good point in his edit.

CIV & BLUFOR = friends. Killing BLUFOR is bad. Your rating goes down.
CIV & OPFOR = enemies. Killing OPFOR is good. Your rating doesn't go down.

I will quote the engine:
friendship of military units is equal to resistance

therefore, at default resistance is friendly with bluefor, so civilian unit killing opfor is actually killing enemy

solution: set resistance as friendly to everyone or opfor and civilian after killing opfor will be renegade

@klamacz Okay, I understand. It's just a minor issue, so it's totally not worth to change the way that engine works. I just randomly figured this out and I though that it's an easy fixable bug, didn't figure that it was engine-based.