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AI-controlled sniper team unable to engage from bigger distance
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I've noticed that AI controlled sniper team prefers to engage at a close quartes, instead of trying to spot and shoot the enemy from bigger distance.

First I was using waypoint Seek and destroy, then I even put Destroy waypoint on the enemy group leader. Both with the same effect. The sniper team just went really close to the enemy (under 100m) and started shooting. Ofcourse, the enemy unit immediately started to return fire. The result was one whole sniper team down and only one member of the enemy group down.

I think that snipers should proceed slowly, first scan the horizon with their binoculars, trying to spot the enemy. If they are unsuccessful, move a bit closer to the waypoint and try to scan the horizon again, repeat until enemy is found. {F21412}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn AI controlled sniper team
  2. Spawn enemy group like 1km far from the sniper team

(I've used Stratis Airfield runway for testing)

  1. Add waypoint for the sniper team to Seek and destroy the enemy unit (or Destroy on the enemy unit leader)
  2. Notice that sniper team moves really close to the enemy instead of trying to spot the enemy and shoot from distance

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Aren't you supposed to place the destroy waypoint at the position which you want the AI to shoot from?

No, I don't think that this waypoint works that way.

It has worked that way for me since the beginning of the Beta.

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Works well if Sniper team has mode set to Combat. Problem was that they aren't able to spot the targets soon enough if they are in more careless mode.
When in combat, they are spotting enemy team around 700-800 metres and engage pretty accurately.

My testcase mission uploaded

@klamacz, you are right. I downloaded the mission and it works perfectly fine, I didn't realize that I should activate the combat mode. Thanks for explaining :)

confirmed as working properly

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