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An option to preload terrains
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I absolutely hate only being able to see about 1800 meters in front of me. I would like the option to preload the terrains.

Look at DCS for example. It has a pre load distance of 150,000 meters.

While ArmA's visuals are a lot better than DCS's this is still very possible to do. With the addition of jets coming in it will be very nice to be able to see the ground underneath you when you are flying at 2,000 meters or higher.


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"I absolutely hate only being able to see about 1800 meters in front of me."

How about increasing your view distance? I have everything on max, view distance on 5000 and I get 30 FPS with a GTX 660ti.


I have, it as high as I can get it. The optimization on this game is terrible! If all I played was offline it would be fine, because I can get around 50-70 frames with my AMD 6970, but servers dictate what your frame rate is going to be. So I must set it lower when I play online.

Even if you increase the view distance to max it is still terrible! 5000 meters is not a long distance especially when flying the soon to be added jets.

By adding an option to preload the map as DCS does you can eliminate this problem!

No modern video game/sim has a render distance this short!

preloading the terrain would be the same as increasing the visibility, and it would make the same performance impact, you would just make the game preload terrains before time but also not looking at the same distance, something wich i find completely stupid.


"5000 meters is not a long distance especially when flying the soon to be added jets."

LOL WUT? the max render distance is 12 000 meters.......

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AMD FX 8150 Zambezi QUAD, HT @ 3.6 Ghz
COOLER MASTER Seidon 120XL Liquid Cooling.
4GB DDR3 Corsiar Vengence
Galaxy Geforce 660 Ti
Windows 7 Ultimate 64

And i still cant play. FPS is at 11. How is it possible that we can have jets storming around servers while we are currently all dealing with this awful FPS problem?

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  1. your comment was not relevant to this ticket
  2. you claim that "...all dealing with this awful FPS problem". I have everything set to ultra, including the view distance, and I don't have FPS issues. Your claim has been debunked

mp has more fps issues, in sp everything maxed out i get 40-50 fps with 2500 distance.

Using i5, ATI Sapphire Hd 6950, 4 gb ram.

Stupid people wont notice the mp-sp fps change because they only play wasteland

@Dr Death
"Stupid people wont notice the mp-sp fps change because they only play wasteland"
I hope that wasn't addressed to me because I have never played, nor will I ever play wasteland.

No, it was meant to wakrein

@Gekkibi your ignorance is debunked, idiot. Now if you look at the top you will see "Relationships, related to Low CPU/GPU Utilization". If you were unaware, The majority of the players who play on multiplayer servers are getting low FPS problems. Now how this correlates to the topic?; is that "JETS" Flying everywhere will probably contribute to even more lag. Not to mention servers with massive helicopter movement you will only get 15 frames max. So make sure you get your shit straight before you mouth off. Arma doesn't need people like you dwelling on negativity. Im focused on making the game better.

@Dr Death i actually play JTF2's server. And i get the same issues on all settings. I have even tried high draw distances low draw distances nothing works. Which makes me believe jets arnt going to work unless this topic is resolved first. which has over 2k+ likes.

Plus your calling your fellow arma gamer who plays wasteland servers stupid? Why. They are customers as well, and they should be treated as such.

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Isn't the typical preloading problem in multiplayer servers only?

As loading same mission in single player follows your settings of drawing distance and loading it to multiplayer game loads a game own drawing distance what is limited to that 1.2Km on every player.

It is problematic that you want to play more realistic designed missions where helicopters engage targets at their max from 4-10km range (depending weapons) and IT can engage fighters from 20-30km range only to see that there is either a limitation of locking/firing ranges or then visual range locks in multiplayer what renders all such missions impossible.

If you didn't understand, this ticket was about preloading the terrain, not about poor FPS. Here, I copypaste the relevant part from the ticket description so you don't have to find it yourself: "An option to preload terrains".

Even if it has relation to ticket 0000716, it doesn't mean you should talk about FPS issues here. If you want to paste your computer specs, I recommend you do it in the other ticket, where it could even remotely be relevant.

"So make sure you get your shit straight before you mouth off"
If I were you, I'd do exactly that...

We dont need your negativity here. The way things are done in the IT world is, tickets are assigned by priority. And you negativity isnt one of them. As you are aware now that FPS is a major issue, and that it will take time for the DEVs to complete this task, while your sitting their saying how "people in wasteland are idiots thats why they lag" Get a grip you schmuck, lets work together as a community. Because as it stands right now the gaming industry is not looking so good. So stop dwelling on negativity, and lets be productive.

Copypaste me saying "people in wasteland are idiots thats why they lag". Stop putting words to my mouth.

What makes you think I'm negative? I'm negative towards your first comment. I'm not dwelling on negativity when I say "don't post irrelevant comments to unrelated tickets".

Wakrein, i am the one who insults wasteland players, and still, negative mood or not, your comments are not related to this ticker.

Even vehicle range compared to realism is in another ticket

It would be an option. If you don't want it, don't use the feature. Downvoting an option is silly.

@the Demongod do realize this has already implemented? It's called "view distance"...

Downvoting in this case is extremely justified...

View distance is another thing. I downvoted this because it would just kill FPS. Id rather ask for dinamyc view distance (like VBS2)