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AI 'breakdancing' on water in vehicles instead of moving to waypoints
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Recently I have attempting to make a mission where the AI comes ashore in amphibious vehicles from the sea. However, I have seen a degradation of their ability to do this. On Sunday they could do it pretty much without problems, but then on Monday they got stuck on the rocks all the time. This has now been fixed but instead they now often 'breakdance' on the spot instead of following waypoints. This is annoying as it essentially rules out and landings. {F21400}


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Place a Marshall (or a group) in the sea. Then give them a move waypoint to land in the editor. Watch them struggle in preview as they get stuck on exit, or (in most cases) they just spin around on the spot in the vehicle.

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Can someone download the mission and confirm this issue exists?

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Confirmed, I can reproduce it just by placing a marshall in the water just off the coast with a single move waypoint onto land. The marshall spins around wildly in the water and takes ages to get out.

The getting out part I noticed was really slow when driving it myself so that probably is just the vehicle that need a slight buff on power.

Been doing a bit more testing, seems that the AI may be over steering causing the spinning since the Marshall does turn very sharply even after a small press of the button. Also exiting from the water may be an issue of lack of power, as it barely can get out of the water even on a 'reasonable beach'.

Also tried other LZ's around the coast, but same effect.