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Object elevation cannot be negative
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The "elevation" field in the "edit unit" dialog in the editor will treat all negative values as zero. It should be possible to submerge objects as with the "setPos" command which treats negative z values as expected.


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Windows 7
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Place e.g. a H-Barrier in the editor entering an elevation of -1. The H-Barrier will not be submerged.

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Yes that is a bit annoying. I still have to use script code to sink objects into the ground.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Why do you need to sink objects into ground?

@neokika If you place large objects (e.g. H-Barrier) on uneven ground it looks better to have parts submerged than flying.

Not just H-barriers, but also buildings etc (if they will become available as empty objects in the editor).

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Solved by Eden Editor

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