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KA-52 Helicopter
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Please give us KA - 52 (if you want KA -50...I don't care). They are simple beautiful. Thank you.


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And, BIS, while you're at it, please give us the HS Produkt 2000, the HS Produkt VHS, the MACS M3, the RT-20, the RBG-6, oh, and I almost forgot, I would also like the M-95 Degman.

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Yay, It's Christmas!!! I want a firetruck!

Pretty sure its gonna be possible to port Arma2 vehicles, it has already been done.

But I get the point -> In Arma there has NEVER been bazillions of Vehicles, and only the same Humvee, only 10 Variations of it (yawn), for example.

It is time that we get HUNDREDS of Vehicles per side, it just cant be that we only get so little Aircraft and stuff.

Esp. Arma 2 was bad - we got the damn Abrams, and that one was the only MBT we had, wow. WOW. MOAR VEHICLES!!!!

Can you see where it is leading too? 1-2 APC's and one damn Tank per side is not enough. Nothing speaks against the Blufor and Opfor using many Vehicles from different Manufacturers, it doesnt necessarily need to be "Oh man, in the future, we only need ONE damn Tank, so no more Variation!"

It also cant be that we have to use mods for every little bit of the game that the Devs do not care about.

Looking at things like ACE, ok, the Dev's arent that good, they cant program things like Backblast, wounding system, Afterburners, manual-guided ATGM, etc., it needs some modders to make that.*sarcasm*

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.