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[FEATURE REQUEST] Vehicles on "rails"
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I remember creating a ticket on the old ArmA 2 dev tracker for the possibilities of ArmA 2's future update to include trains that can travel on the railway tracks on Chernarus.

The response was..

  1. We'll look into it.
  1. Unfortunately this is not possible, it will be looked into for the next game.

It was something along the lines of that anyway.

I am hoping that Altis has a railway system, if so is there any possibility for the trains to actually work on the rail system?

If not can the system still be implemented for the future map makers and user created maps.

In the latest stream of the ArmA 3 Final Release preview I saw some moving targets on rails at the castle, and that made me remember my request previously.

Will it be possible?


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There are/should be quite a few benefits to having a rail system in the game.

  1. Trains obviously
  1. Transporting large weapons such as artillery, and vehicles too. Would make for amazing missions to protect the train etc.
  1. Invisible rails on the roads available in the editor so that players can force the AI in cars to travel on the rails in the direction they need them to travel in. Wont work if it's a human player driving the vehicle.

May help without having the need to use unitCapture command etc.
Would have to be used with a command of course.

There are probably more benefits to rails for cutscenes and of course gameplay as well.

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Does Lemnos have a railway system? IRL it's a 480km2 island, in the game it's a 270km2 island. I doubt it.

Well if Altis does not have a railway, there could be railway's in future island DLC's and definitely will be in user created islands.

All I ask for the upvote, not a downvote is for the system to be readily available in the game/engine.

Please dont downvote it JUST because Altis wont have a railway system.

You would like the feature though wouldn't you? I'm sure you do :)

Down-voting only because 1 island does not have a railway system is extremely short sighted. New terrain will be created, and trains do exist on some islands and/or simulated terrain.

It would be nice for BIS to add place holders, tags, and/or minor code to help facilitate a modders capability to create railroad engines, rail cars, place track and switches, railroad crossings with flashing lights, etc.

If BIS can't make railways because it's too time consuming, we still need some "hooks" built into the game engine for modders to easily add a railway system themselves.

3 people downvoted... i was hoping none would, because there are many benefits to this...

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"Unfortunately this is not possible, it will be looked into for the next game."


I think there were lots of limitations. I remember it in OFP, but i remember it as being very buggy/laggy and did not work in MP.

I guess the reason they couldn't due to limitations.

Someone attempted it in ArmA 2, it was buggy as hell as you had to find railway objects, then find the direction of the track objects, and somehow aim the train in the correct direction. Very buggy.

Now maybe they have a chance to make this work, as like i mentioned I saw in the latest stream (last week i think) I saw a moving target on rails, which makes me think that it could be very possible.

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the OFP addon worked flawlessly as i remember, if you setted up a train, it would automatically spawn in the rail, there were special maps compatibles with the addon, and AFAIK the only bug was when throwing the train off tracks or mounting another car with it.

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Most militaries mainly used trains in WW1-2, and there are no train tracks on Lemnos, so the modder/map creator should then create a special road (rails) that is only 3m wide, then have the train operate like an AI driver and the "Driver" would be like a commander but only be able to "order" the train backwards or forwards and only drive down the center of the "road". Boom. I don't think this is a valuable feature for VANILLA Arma, but it is possible to do with the platform. It's all up to the community.

That is what I mean about the bugs. It was good that it works, but it was not perfect.

The way you explained how it could work is so simple yet it sounds so feasible.

Well it could be valuable for missions that could use the rail system. Primarily it would help to get from A to B without all the winding roads and risk being seen whilst in the air. Useful in a mission for capturing the train or blowing it up before it reaches it's objective as it may have weapons on board.

The tracks could go through valley's with the odd platform every now and then.

Plenty of uses, maybe not in Altis (if it doesn't have a railway that is) but in future DLC's and definitely user created islands.

To edit my note before, a much simpler way than what I previously said is this:

  1. The train has an AI computer that is driving the train and is taking orders from the "Commander" (Really the driver) as in an armored vehicle.
  1. The train can only find a path on the rails. (Actually 3m wide roads to the AI, but look like rails.). I am guessing that the rails would have to be a different type of path, so you don't have cars driving down railways and the trains don't drive on roads (Though very amusing).

3.When piloting/copiloting (After taking controls) the driver can order the train AI to drive forward (Fast/slow), back, or stop.

  1. If the mod creator would like rail junctions, though taking significantly more scripting/work, he could have a UAV Terminal interface only accessible when driving. The driver could then mark a waypoint on the map, and the train would then find the fastest route on the railways. The only options the waypoint would have would be the speed. Unfortunately, there may be issues with being able to take control remotely, unless they are future-RC train-robot thingies.
  1. Also, if there is ever a towing feature in Arma, this would be amazing with train cars attached to the engines.
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there is easily a towing feature with addons in arma, with Physx, i am sure people can do actual towing instead of just sticking a car in the behind of the truck

That just depends if it's ArmA engine that is causing the limitations... I want to see a towing feature :D (Without the attachTo command)

I would realy like this it would be handy for training missions

Any chance this could be looked at for Tanoa?

A railroad network is a game changer feature delivering a new fresh gameplay experience

"Armored trains" yes obsolete but not for guerilla fighters where an anti aircraft platform can be easily towed to a train locomotive

Military operators can infiltrate passenger trains to move across the map without drawing enemy's attention.

The trains can transport valuable logistics, weapons, ammunitions, vehicles from a port or an airfield to different part of the island

You can ambush/raid these trains and get your hand over their freight

Destroying one of them will serve for many scenarios like :

-Prevent smuggling/arm dealing/exporting illegal products (weed) out the island
-Cutting off enemy's supplies and logistics
-Preventing the arrival of an important delivery

If they implement this feature now, they will push it further in later Arma game releases by adding destructible bridges and tunnels thus providing more strategic approaches in one single mission
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i remember operation flashpoint had it, or at least had support for that since a mod had it

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We kinda have trains.