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Stance adjustments as separate keystrokes instead of only [Ctrl]
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I would like to make the stance adjustments to separate key strokes ("Wx2", "Ax2", "Sx2", "Dx2"), but since there is only one adjust action key (that acts as a stance adjust mode rather than the actual action of changing stances in a specific direction) it is not possible. {F21376}


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Menu->Controls->Keyboard->Infantry Movement->Adjust

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The new stance system is great but i find myself just using "Q" and "E" for leaning and never using the "Ctrl + A or D" stances because they require a key to be held down. Same for the incremental up and down stances. I feel that if i could map the stance actions separately to "Wx2", "Ax2", "Sx2", and "Dx2" respectably- the motions shifting stances would feel much more fluid and would be faster. Alternatively one could use the direct input of a device like this (or other controller input methods, this is just an example) - - without using the control key through macro software.

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Both could be solved the same way but, that one is more focused toward ways to use the scroll wheel while mine is specifically stance control. I appreciate your feedback though. The more ways to customize the input of controlling the game, the better in my opinion.

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