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Constant crashes in mp since alpha
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Game crashes somewhere between 1-30 minutes when playing multyplayer, completely randomly, it can happen when I'm already playing on a server, or even when I try to join.


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Usually I get a second of stutter before the screen completely freezes, when I alt+tab, i see arma3 has stopped working, send/don't send error.

One time only, I got out of memory error, said something about expected 81xxxx kb (though not sure if i got it right)

When I crash once or twice, I verify game cache, it doesn't find anything, but next time I join the game, it doesn't crash, not sure if it has anything with me verifying, or just a coincidence.

CPU I5 3570k
GPU Radeon 6950
RAM 8gb 2133mhz
MOBO Asrock z77 extreme 6

Since I couldn't get files uploaded here for some reason, even though they were small enough in size, I uploaded everything here!5wECHZZA!E2C-U2f9kkNCNiXJF9Ab0UCn5aAT-QQYINlFGHGbgoo

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Can you please create new crashdumps without -nologs parameter? In crashdumps are missing important informations for us. Thank you.

Weird, I think I heard one of the devs say that -nologs don't work on stable build, only on dev build, so I didn't delete it. I'll remove it, and as soon as I have the files, will post them here.

Ok, here are the new files without -nologs!w81w3DKI!cqpq2EswrVWwIpTV7QwI3lY8X30xhQfs4wcQ7eSB4CI

Yesterday I played a lot since I wanted to get the crash, and send the files, but the game just didn't want to crash, no matter what.

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